at Howard Greenberg Gallery, NYC, USA

Have you got plans for the next days? If not here’s an exhibition you might want to visit: The Howard Greenberg Gallery presents William Klein’s work in the exhibition ‘Paintings, etc.

The photographs range from early experiments with bulbous curves of light and stark Mondrian-like barns, to sharp high fashion and blurry, kinetic street scenes.

“I had an experience that was kind of backward,” he said, explaining how as a young man working with an Italian architect he went from painting to shooting. “Instead of thinking that photography was a step down, it brought me a step up, to transpose and modify things.”

“What you see here in this show is the very fluid interplay between what people usually see as polar opposites: abstraction and figuration,” said Mr. Campany, who also wrote the introduction for ‘William Klein: ABC,’ published by Abrams.

“Klein isn’t interested in purity. It’s not about distinguishing media. It’s about the between spaces. Some think the show is schizophrenic. But you can see a graphic sensibility that holds it all together.”

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Exhibition dates:
Running through April 27, 2013

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© Daido Moriyama, 1982, Memory of Dog 2
© William Klein, 1955, Candy Store, New York

The exhibition William Klein + Daido Moriyama is currently on view at Tate Modern, London.

Explore modern urban life in New York and Tokyo through the photographs of William Klein and Daido Moriyama. This is the first exhibition to look at the relationship between the work of influential photographer and filmmaker Klein, and that of Moriyama, the most celebrated photographer to emerge from the Japanese Provoke movement of the 1960s.

With work from the 1950s to the present day, the exhibition demonstrates the visual affinity between their urgent, blurred and grainy style of photography and also their shared desire to convey street life and political protest, from anti-war demonstrations and gay pride marches to the effects of globalisation and urban deprivation.

The exhibition also considers the medium and dissemination of photography itself, exploring the central role of the photo-book in avant-garde photography and the pioneering use of graphic design within these publications. (read more)

Exhibition dates:
Oct. 10, 2012 – Jan. 20, 2013

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"Six strips of six photographs, taken one after the other. You read them from left to right, like a text. It’s the diary of a photographer - you see what he sees through the viewfinder, his hesitations, his hits, his misses, his choices. He chooses one moment, one angle, another moment, another angle…"

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