© Alberto Schommer, 1973, Portrait of Salvador Dalí

Schommer’s photographic work reflects the history of Spain, and the décor, clothes, make-up and objects play an important role in his portraits, as he believes that photography provides a true record of the times. He was born in Vitoria (Spain) in 1928, the son of a German photographer settled there, and moved to Madrid in 1966, where he quickly became famous.

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© Philippe Halsman, ca. 1956, 'Salvador Dalí and the Rhino'

Halsman began a thirty-seven-year collaboration with Salvador Dalí in 1941 which resulted in a stream of unusual 'photographs of ideas'.

Trivia: Dick Cavett (US talk show host) asked Dalí in the year 1970 why he had once arrived to give a lecture at the Sorbonne in an open limousine filled with heads of cauliflower. Dalí responded with a barely-coherent discourse regarding the similarity of the cauliflower head to the "mathematical problem discovered by Michelangelo in the rhinoceros’ horn".
According to Dalí, the rhinoceros horn signifies divine geometry because it grows in a logarithmic spiral. Woody Allen adapted Dalís ‘weakness’ for rhinoceroses in his latest movie 'Midnight in Paris' in a very funny way (with a brilliant performance by Adrien Brody as Salvador Dalí).

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