#1: © Robert Rauschenberg, 1980, From the series: In + Out of City Limits: NY
#2: ©
Otto Steinert, 1950, Ein-Fuß-Gänger

From 27 June to 23 September 2012, the Städel Museum in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) will show the exhibition “Painting in Photography. Strategies of Appropriation.” The comprehensive presentation will highlight the influence of painting on the imagery produced by contemporary photographic art.

Whereas the influence of the medium of photography on the “classic genres of art” has already been the subject of analysis in numerous exhibitions and publications, less attention has been paid to the impact of painting on contemporary photography to date. The show at the Städel explores the reflection of painting in the photographic image by pursuing various artistic strategies of appropriation which have one thing in common: they reject the general expectation held about photography that it will document reality in an authentic way. (read more)

Exhibition dates:
27th June – 23rd September 2012, Städel Museum / Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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