The question was: Who’s the famous lady in this vintage negative? (see Photo Quiz #7)



The mysterious lady isn’t Judy Garland, Lauren Bacall, Jackie Kennedy, Bette Davis, Audrey Hepburn, Leni Riefenstahl or Maggie the “Ermahgerd" girl.

Actually it’s Marilyn Monroe (aka Marilyn Monroe Miller aka Norma Jeane Mortenson aka Norma Jeane Baker aka Norma Jeane DiMaggio aka Norma Jeane Dougherty) in her younger years, photographed by Joseph Jasgur in 1946.

Trivia: The model release was signed with "Norma Jeane Dougherty" (+):



Congratulations to therealsnowhite89 who first came up with the right answer; even though her answer was only 'Marilyn' (which would be her), but let’s not nit-pick… and to be serious: there’s only one Marilyn, right?!

Your price is this picture of Marilyn Monroe standing next to Snow White, I hope you like it!

Or maybe you like this one better:


  © Paolo Schmidlin, Sculpture of Marilyn Monroe in coffin (Snow White style)


More congratulations to mezzaluna, obitoftheday (great guess!), minusmanhattan, Jori, unkledichoodoothatvoodoo, honey-rider, littlebunnysunshine, firsttimeuser, mudwerks & undr (thanks for artist & date information) who also came up with the right answer! Thanks for not cheating - or admitting that you’ve cheated :) and thanks to all of you who participated, I hope you had some fun! For some of you it was too easy, maybe you find a more challenging quiz here.


The negative of this photograph was on auction at yesterday, Jan. 13, 2013 (presented by L. Joe Moss Antiques & Auctions). What I don’t get is that it looks exactly like a crop of the picture below (source). I combined the two pictures in Photoshop and set the opacity of the inverted-negative layer to 60%. Somehow strange. Is it maybe only a negative that shows a photographed detail of a large print?



If you have any ideas for future quizzes please let me know, thanks!

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The original image was Robert Frank's photograph "City Fathers (Hoboken, 1955)" of the famous "The Americans" series. Congratulations to firsttimeuser & chagalov for coming up with the right answer!


The protagonists of this famous photograph have been airbrushed away, leaving only the background (& some other detail) of the original image. Can you recognize this famous shot?
(see Photo Quiz #6)

Find out more about the project "Less Américains" by London-based artist Mishka Henner on TIME LightBox.


Henner takes his humorous title from the French Edition of Frank’s book "Les Américains", published in 1958 by Robert Delpire in Paris. By scanning and applying Photoshop to Frank’s images, Henner has proceeded to remove most of the vital subject matter from all 83 photographs—leaving only small details hovering around the frame like background props on an empty theater stage.


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Quiz question #5 (see previous post):

Who is this beautiful lady with the trumpet?



As I said: it’s not the easiest question. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Google has this useful image search function that helps you find other online “copies” of a picture you’re trying to get more information on.

Normally, this is a nice function for researching, but what happens if there is so much false information on the internet that it suddenly becomes truth? Well, that is exactly what happened with this photograph.

Let’s see what Google comes up with:

Suggestion number 1: “Billie Holiday” (which is WRONG):

When I first saw this photo on atane’s blog I read "Billie Holiday, looking adorable". As my attention span still hasn’t reached the 21st century, I started to read the rest of the paragraph:

”(…) this is how wikipedia scholars and google image searchers unknowingly spread incorrect information. Someone posts incorrect info, then it gets shared until the incorrect information becomes the “truth”, and no one will know because if you google it, the incorrect info is what you will find. If you do a google image search for Billie Holiday, this image comes up. (…) The picture was taken in 1960. Aside from the fact that there is virtually no resemblance between the two women, Billie Holiday would have been 45 in 1960. The woman in the picture is clearly not in her mid 40s. One other thing, Billie Holiday died in 1959. Kind of hard to pose for a pic after you’re dead.”

I couldn’t find any trustworthy information about the exact date, but judging by the cars in the background it must be a shot from around 1960.

Suggestion number 2: Valaida Snow (also WRONG):

Similar reasons as before: Valaida Snow was born in 1904 and would have been in her mid 50s at the time this picture was taken - and she died in 1956. No possible way that she’s the woman in this photo (sorry cellulodroid, the picture on your wall was wrong).

Suggestion number 3: Lorraine Glover (RIGHT or WRONG?)

Some websites say the picture shows Donald Byrd's wife, Lorraine Glover.

Suggestion number 4: Yourna Bird (RIGHT or WRONG?)

Other sources also claim this person to be Donald Byrd's wife, but the name “Yourna Bird” is used there.

" (…) the lady in the picture holding Dr. Byrd’s trumpet is his wife, but her name is Yourna. I spoke with her 3 days ago, and she is still strikingly beautiful! She remembers taking the photo. I’m puzzled as to why the photographer William Claxton credited the young lady in the picture as Lorraine Glover." (source)

Gwranda came up with both names, let’s see if he was right! If somebody has links to reliable biographical information about Donald Byrd I would be very thankful!

Even my friend & top researcher chagalov wasn’t able to find reliable information about the person in the picture or the photographer’s name. The moral of the story? Question everything, especially online information!

Like chagalov, I tried to check William Claxtons website (as we found out that this picture is part of his book Jazz Seen). The problem is: if you follow Google’s link to his website, the page won’t load because of some Flash problem. However, if you follow this link, you can access it. But: there’s no information about our photo on there. Another impasse.

Some web sources also say this is Billie Holiday shot by Herman Leonard, more false information: Leonard has photographed many jazz celebrities and also took some great shots of Billie Holiday (check out some of his photos here), but not this one.
I can tell you that the photo above was taken by William Claxton and is featured in his book Jazz Seen - and that’s the only 100% reliable information I got for you today. I ordered a second hand version of the book and will publish the final answer for photo quiz #5 as soon as it has arrived.

I hope you enjoyed this tricky question, I’ll keep you updated! All the best, B

UPDATE / Apr. 16, 2012:
William Claxton’s book Jazz Seen didn’t give me the answer either - the caption just says: "Mrs. Donald Byrd, 48th Street, New York City, 1960." Anyways, I’m so glad that I can call the book my own: it’s one of the best photography books in my collection!

My friend chagalov found some information on Donald Byrd’s marriage with Lorraine Glover in The Billboard magazine (Oct. 22, 1955):


He also provided me with some more background information on Donald Byrd & Yourna:

University of Delaware / dated: May, 2000; excerpt:
"UD gallery to feature works from the collection of jazz great Donald Byrd (…) A free public reception to honor Byrd and his wife, Yourna, will be held from 5-8 p.m., Friday, June 2 in the University Gallery, located on the second floor of Old College at the corner of Main Street and North College Avenue, Newark."

NNDB / 2010s; excerpt:
"Donald Byrd. (…) Wife: Yourna."

In April 1958, Donald Byrd (Pepper Adams Quintet) recorded the song "Yourna" (sources: +, +, +; you can listen to a preview here).

As Donald Byrd and Yourna were still married in 2000, chagalov and I both think that maybe Lorraine Glover and Yourna Byrd are the same person - Yourna may just be a pseudonym or nickname.
Or was Yourna his second wife? Did a lovestoned Donald Byrd record a track for a woman he fell in love with 3 years after he had married Lorraine Glover?

As chagalov said: “The final proof will be to ask him or her directly I guess!”
Ok Mr. and Mrs. Byrd (#1 and #2?), please give me a call :)

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Here is the answer for Photo Quiz #4:

Answer for question a)
Which “Iconic Moment” can be seen on this image?


The original is a photo of President Obama and his National Security Team inside the Situation Room, taken during the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in May 2011:


  © Pete Souza, Sunday, May 1, 2011, Washington

Answer for question b)

How many persons (1-13) can you name without looking at the original photo?

01 - Joe Biden, US Vice President
02 - Barack Obama, US President
03 - Brigadier General Marshall ‘Brad’ Webb
04 - Admiral Mike Mullen
05 - National Security Advisor Tom Donilon
06 - Bill Daley, White House Chief of Staff
07 - Tony Blinken, Biden’s National Security Advisor
08 - Audrey Tomason, Director of Counterterrorism
09 - John Brennan, Obama’s Homeland Security Assistant
10 - James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence
11 - Denis McDonough, Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor
12 - Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State
13 - Robert Gates, departing Secretary of Defense

(inspired by THIS post on

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The record I was talking about in Photo Quiz #3 was:

Simon & Garfunkel - Bookends (Columbia Records, 1968)

Congratulations to Atane who was first, and also to 801d & Chagalov!

The cover of Kruder & Dorfmeisters first record ‘G-Stoned’ was a homage to a famous record-cover of the 1960s. Do you know which record I am talking about?

(see Photo Quiz #3)


© G. Heller, 1993, Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister, Vienna
© Richard Avedon, Mar. 1, 1967, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, New York
(watch the original photograph here)

To quote Atane: "So easy". Here’s the price for the winner, some music:
The Wiseguys - Too Easy

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The photograph of W. Eugene Smith I was asking for in Photo Quiz #2 may possibly be this one (used for the cover of LIFE magazine in Oct. 20, 1947 / photo essay on folk singers):

My friend Chagalov (a research-genius) came up with very credible arguments that it’s the photo mentioned in the telegram.

Possible evidence:
+ Smith mentioned a "Little Girl" in the telegram
+ "…living without contamination of prettification for photographer."
+ the camera settings could fit (4EM, F2, NEXT SHUTTER SPEED OVER HUNDRED)
+ a situation in which the copy had to be given urgently (thus: newspaper, magazine)
+ the telegram says "Child of Song" -> the LIFE cover says: “Listening to Folk songs”

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions! Hint: The picture must have been taken between 1945 and 1948 (Western Union President: Joseph L. Egan).

Does anybody know what photograph W. Eugene Smith is writing about in this telegram?
(see Photo Quiz #2)

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The original image was Eddie Adams famous photograph The Saigon Execution (1968; above picture is a coloured version; watch the original black and white version here). Congratulations to firsttimeuser!

Watch this interview with Eddie Adams speaking about this photograph.

The protagonists of this famous photograph have been airbrushed away, leaving only the background of the original image. Can you recognize it?
(see Photo Quiz #1)


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