© Paul Kwilecki, "Georgia"

#1: Girl with Afro sitting on bumper of old car, 1970
#2: Oak City Cemetery, main gate, 5:00 a.m., 1996
#3: Man without shirt and woman on porch, Battle’s Quarters, 1971
#4: Trailways Bus Station, 1978

Paul Kwilecki’s Photograph Collection at Duke University contains 583 black and white prints made in and around the town of Bainbridge, Georgia from 1960-2008. A self-taught photographer, Kwilecki honed his craft by photographing the broad spectrum of daily life manifested in Bainbridge and the rural areas of Decatur County. From the Shade Tobacco workers in the fields to the tombstones in the cemeteries and the emotional dramas played out in the Decatur County Courthouse, Kwilecki documented everything in an effort to capture and understand humanity. (read more here & here)