© Louis Stettner, 1954, Sunbather, Manhattan from Brooklyn Promenade

France pays tribute to the American photographer Louis Stettner:

"Louis Stettner - Les chefs d’œuvres" is on view at the Galerie David Guiraud in Paris.

The exhibition is running through Jan. 19, 2013.

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© Louis Stettner, 1979, 'Twin Towers, World Trade Center', New York

In his work, Stettner focuses on documenting the lives of the working class in both Paris and New York. He felt and still believes that the cities belong to the people that live there, not the tourists and visitors. His upbringing caused him to take great care in capturing the simple human dignity of the working class.

"Idea for a short story. The shore of a lake, a young girl who’s spent her whole life beside it, a girl like you She loves the lake the way a seagull does, and she’s happy and free as a seagull. Then a man comes along, sees her, and ruins her life because he has nothing better to do. Destroys her like this seagull here." (Anton Chekhov,'The Seagull' )