Art: Helena Almeida, Photo: L. Castro Caldas / P. Cintra, 1981, Saída Negra

This picture is part of the exhibition Infinite tasks. When art and book unbind each other - on view at Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Lisbon / Portugal.

Exhibition dates:
July 20 - October 21, 2012 

The exhibition not only features books but also works of art in which the book plays a crucial role – paintings, films, sculptures or installations – in a setting that brings together illuminated medieval books and contemporary works of art. (read more)

The Portuguese artist Helena Almeida is a riddle of contradictions. She is not a photographer, yet the vast majority of her work is in black-and-white photography. She emerged on to the Portuguese art scene in the early 1960s after having studied painting at the University of Fine Art in Lisbon. Like many of her contemporaries, Almeida was inspired by the neo-concrete movement gathering momentum in Brazil under the charismatic leadership of Hélio Oiticica and Lygia Clark. (read more)

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