© Eve Arnold, 1952, Marlene Dietrich, New York

"Marlene Dietrich at the recording studios of Columbia Records, who were releasing most of her songs she had performed for the troops during World War II. She was 51 years old and starting a come-back in show business. It was a wet and cold November night and work could only begin at midnight, at the advise of Marlene’s astrologer."

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© Eve Arnold, Feb 25, 1962, Three sets of hands, Black Muslim meeting held at the International Amphiteater

left to right: American Nazi, Nation of Islam member and a Nation of Islam money collector at a rally, Washington, D.C.

In 1960, LIFE magazine assigned Arnold, who died in January 2012 at the age of 99, to document the days and nights of Malcolm X, the controversial and intensely charismatic public face of the Nation of Islam. For nearly a year, she followed the thug-turned-devout Muslim and activist from Washington to New York to Chicago.

At the very first NOI rally she attended, at the Uline Arena in Washington, D.C., Arnold photographed George Lincoln Rockwell, head of the American Nazi Party, who had formed an unlikely alliance with the Nation of Islam (and who, like Malcolm X, would be assassinated before the decade was over). Arnold wrote later that, as she raised her camera to photograph Rockwell and his brownshirt-clad henchmen, he hissed at her, “I’ll make a bar of soap out of you.”

“I hissed back, ‘As long as it isn’t a lampshade,’” Arnold wrote of the moment, “and kept photographing.” (read more)

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© Eve Arnold, 1958, Children at a party to introduce mixed schools, Virginia

Very sad news to hear that the extraordinary photographer Eve Arnold passed away peacefully on 4th January 2012. In 2010 she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from WPO in Cannes.

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"You can’t make a great musician or a great photographer if the magic isn’t there."
(Eve Arnold)

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© Eve Arnold, 1954, Bar girl in a brothel in the red light district, Havana / Cuba

"If a photographer cares about the people before the lens and is compassionate, much is given. It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument." (Eve Arnold)

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