“Everybody Street” illuminates the lives and work of New York’s iconic street photographers and the incomparable city that has inspired them for decades. The documentary pays tribute to the spirit of street photography through a cinematic exploration of New York City, and captures the visceral rush, singular perseverance and at times immediate danger customary to these artists.

Covering nine decades of street photography, Everybody Street explores the careers and influences of many notable photographers––a number of whom have never been documented, featuring: Bruce Davidson, Elliott Erwitt, Jill Freedman, Bruce Gilden, Joel Meyerowitz, Rebecca Lepkoff, Mary Ellen Mark, Jeff Mermelstein, Clayton Patterson, Ricky Powell, Jamel Shabazz, Martha Cooper, and Boogie, with historians Max Kozloff and Luc Sante.

Find some of the photos featured in the documentary here and here.

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Renowned photojournalist and Magnum photographer Bruce Davidson has been acclaimed for over half a century for his searing images of street gangs, circus performers and the civil rights struggles of the 1960s, all captured with a remarkable directness, truth and power that transcends the concept of style. Here is a portrait of Bruce Davidson with his forthcoming, charming, and revealing insights into who he is, what he’s done, and where he’s going.

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© Bruce Davidson, 1964, Los Angeles

This photograph was used for the cover of the Beastie Boys’ triple-platinum album “Ill Communication”:


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The period from 1961-1965 was the defining era of the American civil rights movement. As a participant and observer of this struggle for racial equality, Bruce Davidson chronicled the demonstrations, the protests, the aftermath of the bombings, and the social and political tumult that arose out of the conflict. 'Time of Change' is a testament to the everyday lives of the people who fought against accepted social norms of segregation, poverty, and discrimination.

Bruce Davidson will receive the 'Outstanding Contribution to Photography Award' at this year’s Sony World Photographer Awards. The photographer, who has been a member of the prestigious Magnum Photos agency since 1956, is also a founding member of the World Photography Organisation.

Davidson will receive the award in a ceremony at the Odeon Leicester Square in London on 27 April 2011. His work will also be on display at the Somerset House from 26 April until 22 May 2011 and Davidson will furthermore be one of the five photographers to take part in the 'In Photographer's Studio' series of events, uncovering the personal story of his career as a part of the World Photography Festival in London.

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