© Wanda Wulz, 1932, Io + Gatto (Self-portrait)

Her self-portrait ‘Io + Gatto’ (Me + Cat), where she superimposes a photo of her cat Pippo on top of an image of herself, is one of the most famous double exposures in art history.

Self-Portrait, 1932 / The Cat without Me, 1932

In 1932, Wulz presented the photograph in the ‘Mostra Fotografica Futurista’ in Trieste, where it was hailed as the highlight of the exhibition. Photographs of Wanda Wulz are extremely rare, as in the late 1930s she turned to portrait painting. (+)

Thanks to chagalov for the photos and information!

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© Robert Häusser, 1980, 'Toter Vogel' (dead bird)

"I use photography not to try to produce an autonomous picture of reality; what interests me is an interpretation of reality. I want to use photography to reveal more than the reality; I want to render an inner condition." (Robert Häusser)


To mark the publication of his much-awaited new monograph Asylum of the Birds, photographer Roger Ballen, with director Ben Crossman, has produced this psychologically powerful, unforgettable film that follows Roger into a world synonymous with his photographs, as never before seen on film.

"I’m fascinated by birds. They link the heavens to the earth…"

AmericanPhotoMag chatted with Ballen, who offered an even deeper take on the circumstances behind his eerie imagery.

Find a German interview on Spiegel Online.

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© Albert Watson, 1992, Monkey with Gun, New York City

Q: What’s wrong with the world?

A: We are buried beneath the weight of information, which is being confused with knowledge; quantity is being confused with abundance and wealth with happiness. Leona Helmsley’s dog made $12 million last year… and Dean McLaine, a farmer in Ohio, made $30,000. It’s just a gigantic version of the madness that grows in every one of our brains. We are monkeys with money and guns.

(from an interview Tom Waits did with himself; source)

© Othmar Herbst, ca. 1960s, Seagulls

A print of this photograph can be bought on eBay.

Part 5 of 5: Cambodia

I hope you enjoy the second ‘5 Countries. 1 Artist.' series, click here for more. And don’t forget to check out Steve McCurry’s latest book:


Untold - The Stories Behind the Photographs takes an unprecedented look at the work of Steve McCurry, one of today’s finest and most daring imagemakers. This is the first book to fully explore how the world-renowned photographer finds, takes and develops his uniquely iconic photographs. Presenting a personal archive of material, Untold features the very best of McCurry’s most beautiful and powerful photo stories, taken from around the world over the last thirty years.

Each story is illustrated with never-before-seen notes, images and ephemera – saved by McCurry from his extensive travels – and over 100 lavish, full-colour photo plates of McCurry’s most significant work. Brought to life by newly commissioned essays, the stories offer a critical narrative and give new insight and ideas into the background, experience and ideas behind McCurry’s unparalleled photography. Together, these fascinating documents reveal a new and exciting view of the story behind the story.

Tracing the narrative behind 14 of McCurry’s most important assignments, each story provides a behind-the-scenes look at McCurry’s adventures, from first publication to their afterlife in the world, creating a documentary record of his remarkable career. Richly illustrated and explained, this book provides an inside perspective on Steve McCurry, creating a living biography and archive of one of photography’s greatest legends. (+)

You can find all five parts of the Steve McCurry special here. Enjoy!

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One and a half years after writing about the wonderful series ‘One Third’, a project on food waste by Austrian photographer Klaus Pichler, it is long overdue to continue my chorus of praises by presenting his latest photobook, ‘Skeletons in the Closet’.

I got this self-published book already three months ago, at the Vienna Photo Book Festival where I met Klaus for the first time. The photographs for this beautiful book were taken between 2008 and 2011 in the Museum of Natural History Vienna and give an unusual insight into the life behind museum scenes.

Here’s an excerpt of the project description to give you a short introduction:

"It all started when I happened to catch a glimpse through a basement window of the Museum of Natural History one night: an office with a desk, a computer, shelves and a stuffed antelope. This experience left me wondering: what does a museum look like behind the scenes? How are exhibits stored when they are not on display? (…)

The museum’s back rooms presented to me a huge array of still lives. Their creation is determined by the need to find space saving storage solutions for the preservation of objects but also the fact that work on and with the exhibits is an ongoing process. Full of life, but dead nonetheless. Surprises included!

(…) I was aiming to find arrangements and scenes where prepared animals interacted with one another or the surrounding spaces of the museum. (…) as a result of constant change in the non-public rooms of the museum, new constellations were forever creating themselves, all I needed to do was to wait and keep my eyes open.” (Klaus Pichler)


Klaus assured me that none of these photos were staged, what he did was to just put the objects in the right perspective - and he did that in a wonderful, charming way. The 63 images, combined with texts by Julia Edthofer, Herbert Justnik and Pichler himself, seem to breathe life into these dusty witnesses of the past, and the result is way more entertaining than Hollywood could ever dream of (sorry Mr. Stiller).

The cover of the book is made of rough, grey cardboard: this grey layer represents the layers of dust Klaus found in the archives of the museum, with a small peephole to uncover what’s beneath.

Klaus Pichler’s ‘Skeletons in the Closet' (hardbound, 21x21cm, Munken uncoated paper, limited to 700 hand numbered copies) can be ordered here.

Order the limited edition (including a - I’m not joking - fossil shark tooth and a print, coming along in an exclusive book box) here.

More of his work on his website.


Together with prints of Pichler’s series ‘One Third’, classic and contemporary positions of Still Lifes by Heinrich Kühn, Eugenia Maximova, Birgit Zartl and Frank Robert will be exhibited at Anzenberger Gallery in Vienna, Austria.

Exhibition dates:
Sep 13 - Nov 23, 2013

The opening night will be on Sep. 12, 2013 at 7pm: Klaus Pichler will be there to present his next book, ‘One Third’, for the first time.

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