I had such a wonderful day yesterday! Vienna Photo Book Festival at Galerie Anzenberger, meeting & chatting with Klaus Pichler (thanks for the book!), buying Anders Petersen's 'Du mich auch' from a lovely lady from Denmark (incl. one of my favourite photographs; that’s also the one the lady chose to pose with when I asked to take her picture, more about that later).

Finally picking up Jak Tuggener's breathtaking book 'Fabrik' from the 5Uhr30 booth (thanks to the lady with pity for the poor), a long time favourite, and finally running into Andreas H. Bitesnich who I didn’t recognize (I guess I’m better at recognizing his photographs). Thanks for the lovely chat Andreas, I can’t wait to see your book collection in, how I already call it, ‘the treasure-house’!

After that I had a great evening in the sun with fantastic open air music, friends, chats, laughter, dog, coffee, drinks, an adventure, dinner (I like my adventures before dinner)… if someone asked me to describe my perfect day, well I guess yesterday would get very close to that description, only a few things missing, as always :) but that’s life and that’s what I love about it, don’t you, too? things to wait for - such things are rare these days. I guess…

I’ll write about Klaus Pichler's new, great book, 'Skeletons in the Closet’, soon - stay tuned! Yours trully, Burnéd

© Andreas H. Bitesnich, 2012, Maki Namekawa, Deep Space Music, Ars Electronica Linz

About the performance:

Deep Space Music brings together sound and image, music and computer animation in a way that transforms the projection space into a setting for intimate experiences. In it, Japanese pianist Maki Namekawa will play a program of works by three visionary composers who are also regarded as great thinkers. Her piano concert musically celebrates the 60th birthday of Ryuchi Sakamoto (JP) and Philip Glass’ (US) 75th, and commemorates the 100th anniversary of the birth of John Cage (US). (via ArsElectronica)

I was looking for photos tagged with “Linz” recently because I’m just visiting my good ol’ friend Louis there. Always enjoy the time here, very inspiring & relaxing…