Above photograph shows Eduardo Ramos with his dead sheep after a hit-and-run taxi driver had killed half of his family’s flock in 1981. Photographer William Albert Allard had been exploring Peru at that time and stumbled upon that crying boy near Puno.

The photo was published in National Geographic in March 1982. The readers of the magazine responded so generously that the boy’s family was able to buy five new ewes after more than 6,000$ have been contributed. Enough money was left over to aid other people in the region. (+,+)

This story demonstrates how a photographer can give something back and make a difference in a person’s life. Find more examples on the National Geographic website.

Check out this video where Mr. Allard talks about the story behind this photograph (find a spanish version of the video here):

Here’s a picture of William Albert Allard showing the well known picture to grown up Eduardo and his family (source):