© James Barnor / Autograph ABP, 1960s, Photography for Drum magazine

Back in the 1960s, when fashion shoots featuring black models were rare, the Ghanaian photographer James Barnor bucked the trend with his fashion shoots for Drum magazine, an influential anti-apartheid magazine based in Johannesburg, and Africa’s first black lifestyle magazine.

Although Barnor says he wasn’t consciously attempting to chronicle ‘black culture’ in England, and was simply taking photographs of things that interested him and the readers of Drum, the effect was, none the less, an optimistic suggestion that these cosmopolitan young African women were part of the exciting new, multicultural society in London that people were talking about.

Barnor was asked in an interview if he ever had curious looks from passers-by - a black photographer taking pictures of a black model. He shrugs and says, "I didn’t think of what people thought of me. I just thought about what shot I could get." (read more)

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