at Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco, USA

The Unphotographable,’ is an ambitious survey exploring the history of that which cannot be photographed. Comprised of approximately fifty works, the exhibition interweaves prints by artists as wide ranging as Alfred Stieglitz, Sophie Calle, Man Ray, and Glenn Ligon, as well as works by anonymous and virtually unknown photographers from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

More than a century of attempts to depict, through photographs, a reality beyond appearances is testament to a stubborn conviction that what can be seen is not all there is. (read more)

Exhibition dates:

Jan. 3 - Mar. 23, 2013

#1: Clarence John Laughlin, 1941, Dislocation of a Figure #1
#2: H. G. Kaiser, 1917, Sun cycle, Looking south from Gov. Hill
#3: Unknown photographer, ca. 1880, The Vision

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