© Cherry Kearton, 1900, Wildlife photography pioneers

Cherry stands on Richard’s shoulders to take a picture of a bird’s nest.

Richard and Cherry Kearton introduced the ‘hide’ method of bird-watching and photography. The brothers were pioneers of wildlife photography, producing their book 'With Nature and a Camera' illustrated with a 160 photographs in 1899, written by Richard with photographs by Cherry.


Richard Kearton (1862 - 1928) moved to London from Yorkshire in 1882 to work for Cassell’s publishing house. worked with his brother Cherry Kearton, their book ‘With Nature and a Camera’, was published in London by Cassell & Co in 1899.

Cherry Kearton (1871 - 1940) was a photographer and documentary film maker of animals and nature; film director; set up his own film company producing natural history and expedition films.

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