#1: © Charles M. Conlon, ca. 1923, Andy Coakley, Columbia University coach
© Nickolas Muray, ca. 1927, Babe Ruth (Hand holding baseball)
#3: © Charles M. Conlon, 1919–25, Charles Robertson (White Sox) holds baseball
#4: © Leslie Jones, 1934-1956, Non-Boston and miscellaneous, baseball in hand

Great pitchers use a variety of different baseball pitches, pitch speeds and movements to gain competitive advantage against the batter. Although learning a new pitch can be fun, it can also be difficult. The learning curve is steep; learning to throw a new pitch requires a lot of practice (and patience). If you want to learn more about pitching check this guide.

Update: NPR’s picture blog published a beautiful series of baseballs that have lain dormant well after their last pitch. For years, photographer Don Hamerman walked his dog near an old baseball diamond in Stamford, Conn. And in all different seasons, in all kinds of weather, Hamerman picked up old baseballs. He brought them back to his studio, where they sat around for years until he finally decided to start photographing them in 2005. You can find the pictures here.

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