#1: Muhammad Ali in Training, Miami, Florida, 1966
#2: Alberto Giacometti, Paris, 1951

#3: Ingrid Bergman at Stromboli, 1949
#4: Model wearing nursemaid’s kerchief by Lilly Daché, New York, 1952

Gordon Parks spent the majority of his professional career at the crossroads of the glamorous and the ghetto – two extremes the noted photographer knew well. He was hired by Life magazine after he published a series on a gang leader in Harlem, but he was also an accomplished fashion photographer and had already worked as a photographer for Vogue, where he learned the secrets of aestheticism. (+, +)

His portraits of celebrities are a wonderful example for that: Muhammad Ali, Alberto Giacometti, Ingrid Bergman and many more can call themselves lucky for being shot by Mr. Parks. One of my favourite portraits of Muhammad Ali is this one, and I also love his shots of Malcolm X.

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