© N. V. Vereenigde Fotobureaux, July 1929, A horse being hauled out of Herengracht with Sinck’s tackle, Amsterdam

When the driver of the firm Vogelpoel & Noorwegen in Westermarkt left his cart for a moment, the horse became so frightened that it walked into the water, cart and all. The horse, after managing to break loose, swam until it felt firm ground beneath its feet by the bridge running from Leliegracht to Herengracht. There the animal was lifted out with the tackle specially designed by J. C. Sinck for hoisting horses out of the water.

This photograph was published in the evening edition of the Algemeen Handelsblad of 16 July 1929. It is quite possible that this photograph was taken by F. C. de Haan, the Grand Old Man of Dutch press photography. (+)