© Franco Vaccari, 1972, Esposizione in tempo reale num. 4, Modena

Above picture is part of the exhibition Photo Booth Art - The Aesthetics behind the Curtain: From the Surrealists to Warhol and Rainer at Kunsthaus Wien, Museum Hundertwasser, Vienna / Austria.

When the first booths produced by the Photomaton company appeared in Paris in 1928, artists, too, were fascinated by the possibility of obtaining automated self-portraits within minutes for very little money. The Surrealists, among them André Breton, Luis Buñuel, Max Ernst and Salvador Dalí, were the first to recognise the artistic potential of photo booths. Many other artists were to follow, for example Andy Warhol, Arnulf Rainer and Cindy Sherman.

With more than 300 works by about 60 international artists, the exhibition introduces us to the world of the “aesthetics behind the curtain”, which range from the photo booth’s “original” function – producing photos for the official authentication of a person’s existence – through artistic ways of playing with identities to the telling of short stories or the creation of individual worlds.
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Find a picture of Yves Tanguy that is also part of this exhibition here.

Exhibition dates:
Oct. 10, 2012 - Jan. 13, 2013

Photo contest:
There will also be a contest for the creative and artistic use of the photo booth: Candidates must submit a strip of four photos and a completed entry form to the museum ticket office between until Nov. 11, 2012. A jury headed by Andreas H. Bitesnich will select the ten most creative and original subjects. The first three winning subjects will be displayed until the end of the exhibition.

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