Unknown photographer, 1910, Kodak Store Interior, Real Photo Postcard RPPC

Ever wondered what camera shops looked like a century ago?

Up for auction on eBay is this extraordinary photograph of a woman in standard Gibson dress standing at a store counter purchasing a Kodak folding camera. The store employee is wearing a jacket and bow-tie which adds charm to the photograph.

It is uncertain if the woman is actually buying the Kodak camera, or if the scene here is “staged,” but $25 is about what one would have paid for the Kodak folding camera at that time, which can be seen on the cash register.

Also of special interest are the “Spalding” [sporting goods] ball boxes on the wall at the far right (the second shelf down from the top). The cabinet at the left contains many of the bottles, medicines, and tonics of the pharmacy, though Colax is visibly seen on the wall. There are also writing utensils, thermoses, spoons, books, and many other items for sale.  The postcard is of the Palm Garden Pharmacy Sanitarium in Battlecreek, Michigan.

It was postmarked in Battlecreek on July 29, 1910 at 10:30 p.m. and was sent to a Mrs. A. E. Bushnell in Pownal, Vermont. Sepia-toned. (+)