© Laurie Bloomfield / AP Photo, 1960s, Durban, South Africa

Thanks to Laurie Bloomfield’s daughter, South African journalist Jodi-Ann Pastorino for identifying the photographer. Here’s what she wrote on my Facebook page:

"I don’t have much detail as this all happened before I was born & my dad died a few years ago but I do know that particular photograph was printed in many publications around the world but was banned from being printed in South Africa by the then ruling National Party. It’s a shocking image of apartheid era. Thank you for choosing to post it on your website."

And more thanks go out to Shirley Bloomfield, Laurie’s wife, for a little extra information on this photograph her husband shot ca. 50 years ago:

The photograph was awarded News Picture of the Year 1959 by the Encyclopaedmia Britannica and the Institute of British Photographers.”

I found an article with this photo on South African History Online, here’s the caption:

On 24 January 1960, Laurie Bloomfield, a photographer for the Daily News took a picture of rioting in Cato Manor, Durban which was immediately published around the world. The riots were sparked by the apartheid government’s attempt to forcibly remove black people from Cator Manor, an area inhabited by both Africans and Indians.

Rene de Villiers, the acting editor of the Daily News chose not to publish Bloomfield’s photograph because he considered it to be "too emotionally explosive".

The original source provided me with different information, so I don’t know which one is true:

South African police beat women with clubs in Durban, South Africa, when the women raided and set fire to a beer hall in protest of police action against their home brewing activities. 17 April 1962, Durban.

If you have any more precise information on this photo please let me know!

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