Unknown photog., 1980s, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria (aka Pablo Escobar)

(Files from El Espectadors archives, photographed by James Mollison)

#1: Pablo and his wife, Victoria Henao

"He began stealing tombstones, then he became a car thief, then an assassin, then a smuggler and then a drug smuggler, then he became a representative of the chamber – a politician …the worst of all." (El Chino, Pablo’s friend)

#2: One of the 11,000 confiscated guns held by Medellin police

"We offered prices. US$2,500 for a dead policeman, and up to $250,000 for a general. Pablo Escobar gave the order to hand out the guns that were hidden in the comunas. We gave out mini-Uzis, mini-Atlantas, R-165 rifles, .556s, and Barreta pistols. They gave out more than 2,500 guns. Pablo Escobar always thought big." (Popeye, Pablo’s hit man)

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