© David Seymour, ca. 1956-57, Richard Avedon & Fred Astaire, Tuileries Gardens, Paris

Richard Avedon, fashion photographer and technical director, advising Fred Astaire on his role as a photographer on the set of “Funny Face" (directed by Stanley Donen).

Fred Astaire’s character is based on photographer Richard Avedon. In fact, it is Avedon who set up most of the photography for this film, including the famous face portrait of Audrey Hepburn unveiled during the dark room sequence. Avedon intentionally overexposed the close-up of Hepburn’s face in which only her facial features—her eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth—are visible:

Find some interesting goofs and quotes on IMDb. (+, +).

25 years ago (June 22, 1987) the world lost the great Fred Astaire. May his soul rest in peace.

“Do it big, do it right and do it with style.” (Fred Astaire)

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