1991, Rodney King after his beating

Rodney G. King, whose beating in 1991 by the police was captured on video and led to riots in Los Angeles the next year after officers involved in the case were acquitted, was found dead early Sunday in his home about 50 miles east of here, police officials said. May his soul rest in peace.

On March 3, 1991, Mr. King was driving at over 100 miles per hour when he was pulled over by the Los Angeles police. After he attempted to escape on foot, he was caught by several officers who proceeded to beat him. He was struck with batons and kicked dozens of times, as well as shot with stun guns.

Video of the incident, recorded by a resident of a nearby apartment building, was repeatedly broadcast on television, inflaming anger over what was seen as a pattern of aggression and abuse by the Los Angeles police toward blacks and Hispanics. After an intense public outcry, four white officers were indicted. Many people thought the video alone would lead to the conviction of the officers. But in 1992, a jury in Simi Valley, Calif., acquitted three of the officers, and a mistrial was declared for the fourth.

The court decision almost immediately touched off riots in South Los Angeles that raged for nearly a week. Over 50 people were killed, and more than 600 buildings were destroyed.
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March 3, 1991, image taken from video by George Holliday in Lake View Terrace shows the Rodney King beating

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