When you take a closer look at my blog you may recognize that I’m very accurate with sources. The source links are not recognizable rightaway, but they’re always there - click the image description and you’ll get to the source (in this case, more or less funnily, clicking on 'The Source' will get you to the source).

People who are familiar with this platform may ask why I don’t use the 'content source' function Tumblr provides. Well, there’s a simple explanation for that:

Some rebloggers tend to remove the source link (which usually leads to even more information about the photograph & artist), but the image description is rarely deleted; and as I find it very important to show respect to the artists this is the best way to give them the attention they deserve (in my opinion).

Also: when I click on an image, I want to see a bigger version of the picture (if available) and don’t want to be sent to another website.

Text sources are usually linked at the end of the paragraph. If you want to view other work of the same artist: just click on the photographer’s name.

You can also use the category search function at the bottom of my blog to find the work of more than 400 artists. Additionally, you can also choose between categories like World War II, other war & conflict photography, famous people, animals, prison photography, Magnum Photos, inspiring videos, popular posts, quotes & quotations, photomontages, exhibitions, black & white (or monochrome), and color photography. Check the About section for more information.

Enjoy browsing!

All the best, Burnéd

PHOTO: © Annie A. Brigman, ca. 1906, ’The Source