© Peter Gysi, 1999, Aktion KIR, “Rohr für Elektrokabel 1000 m, Ø 11 mm”

Peter Gysi is a Swiss artist who conceives works of art that are fundamentally geometric and architectonic. From objects and sculptures to installations and drawings, his work explores the notion of concept and experiment, plan and chance, humour and seriousness.

Using precise, measured formats such as grids and modules, his 2D and 3D pieces relied on the circle as the basic unit for his explorations of space, time, form, volume, repetition, sequence, and variation. (read more)

"I am driven by all kinds of things and sensations: the fascination of the physical act, the aesthethic effect of a pattern, ornaments – the leaves of trees, printed fabrics, paper, touch, India ink, texture, quirks of perception, the personal imprint, vibration and power through repetition, melodies; the complexities of structures that arise from the multiplication of simple, mostly like elements; exponential change through addition and/or substraction; the fugue, the structure, the in-between; fields or tension between plan, chance and idea; the experiment, the unpredictable, the how and the why, the directness of drawing, the many impulses from the history of drawing…" (Peter Gysi)