BLOG AFIRE - My Tumblr story

When you take a look at my Tumblr archive you might think that I started this blog on Jan. 1, 2011, but in fact it was Jan. 20, 2011 (btw: I missed my first Tumblr birthday - but, as in real life, I don’t care too much about birthdays, so what). I predated my first post (Artist’s shit) for a certain reason, but before I reveal this “secret” I want to tell you a little story:

Until the end of January 2011, I used my private Facebook wall to “save” interesting links I didn’t want to be lost in my browsers bookmark maze. One day I wanted to check some stuff I posted there a long time ago, but I had to realize that Facebook tends to delete old posts regularly (especially when “improving” the system again). The stuff I was looking for had disappeared on Facebooks servers where it will remain happily ever after.

That’s why I started looking for an easy-to-use blog platform that could work as a reliable “storage” for stuff I didn’t want to forget about, without being interested in sharing posts with other people at first. That was also the reason why I had no problem with predating my first post (a deadly sin for bloggers?) which I also shared on my Facebook wall before the blog was born: I wanted to know when exactly I found out about this link. Don’t ask why, I just thought it may be of importance to me one day. No matter what, I still use this predating possibility from time to time to rearrange posts on my blog just to put photographs in a “right”, visually appealing order. I guess you have to live with that, burn down the walls that say YOU CAN’T and stuff…

The last months on Tumblr were just great: I met a lot of interesting people (I won’t give any names because I’m afraid that I could forget some of you guys who make my dashboard an inspiration source and my inbox a slow-motion chat with friends, but I guess you know who you are), I found photos by and information on so many amazing photographers/artists, and I had a lot of fun with you guys, thanks for that!

Tumblr helped my broaden my horizon in so many ways. Dear Tumblr team: please keep up your excellent work in the future, I appreciate it a lot!

Many thanks go also to my followers who are really interested in the content I provide! I’m very happy to read comments on my posts, or to see other reactions, e.g. that people visit exhibitions because they found out about them on my blog - how great is that?! And to the followers who are hoping for a re-follow: hope dies last. Don’t be angry, I just can’t follow all of you. If you think that I absolutely have to follow your blog (because you post original, well researched, inspiring stuff at a bearable extent) just drop me a short note and I will definitely take a look!

All the best,
Burnéd Shoés