Unknown photographer, ca. 1900s, Römisches Bad, Praterstern, Vienna

From the book "Wien am Anfang des XX. Jahrhunderts – Ein Führer in technischer und künstlerischer Richtung (2. Band)", published by "Österreichischer Architekten-Verein, Verlag von Gerlach & Wiedling", Vienna, 1906.

Built in 1872, the Roman Bath at Praterstern (Vienna) was established as a luxury facility for the upper classes for the World Expo 1873. It was one of the largest hot-air baths in the world at that time. Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria visited it shortly before its opening, many monarchs, emperors and celebrities followed later. Later, the bath evolved to an important meeting place for young and old, rich and poor, until it was partially damaged in World War II.

This is how the place looks like today - thanks to the Austrian Federal Monuments Office for thinking that this building wasn’t worth protecting:


  © Michael Hierner, 2010s, Roman Bath today: A depot