The photograph of W. Eugene Smith I was asking for in Photo Quiz #2 may possibly be this one (used for the cover of LIFE magazine in Oct. 20, 1947 / photo essay on folk singers):

My friend Chagalov (a research-genius) came up with very credible arguments that it’s the photo mentioned in the telegram.

Possible evidence:
+ Smith mentioned a "Little Girl" in the telegram
+ "…living without contamination of prettification for photographer."
+ the camera settings could fit (4EM, F2, NEXT SHUTTER SPEED OVER HUNDRED)
+ a situation in which the copy had to be given urgently (thus: newspaper, magazine)
+ the telegram says "Child of Song" -> the LIFE cover says: “Listening to Folk songs”

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions! Hint: The picture must have been taken between 1945 and 1948 (Western Union President: Joseph L. Egan).

Does anybody know what photograph W. Eugene Smith is writing about in this telegram?
(see Photo Quiz #2)

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